Monday, August 24, 2009

Palin's Personal Portfolio & Petrobras

During the campaign, McCain touted his running-mate as being an expert in the Oil industry. Must be the same 'osmosis' knowledge that one gets about Foreign Policy by living next to Russia, somehow.

So, last week, this 'expert' on all things Oil-related, had a problem with the Export Bank lending taxpayer's money to Petrobras, the Brazillian Oil company.

Shouldn't an oil expert KNOW how oil exploration is financed?

Shouldn't an oil expert understand that large project require large joint-ventures and cash?

Shouldn't someone who wants to be President understand how International Investment banking works?

But, more importantly, shouldn't Palin know where she herself invests? According to her 2008 financial disclosure, the Palins had some money invested in T.RowePrice Latin American Fund. Among the 10 largest holdings is... Petrobras.

Oh dear, good thing for Palin that her Palinbots don't understand these things either, or they might think she prefers to invest her money to provide jobs offshore! The very thing she is accusing Obama's administion of doing! OOPS!

But, Sarah, the Political answer to 'folks like me' understands that her Palinbots ALSO don't know anything about drilling ventures, foreign investments, International Banking .... or even her own Disclosure Statement!

Folks like her, don't read either.

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