Friday, August 28, 2009

Paul-Revere-Palinbot: Circumcision is Coming! Circumcision is Coming!

How do you know someone is stupid? Well, one clue is when they post a LIE then support that lie with a site that says totally the OPPOSITE of what they are lying about ...

When someone does this, I know a lot about them other than the obvious fact that they clueless.

I know they want to push their agenda no matter how they have to lie to do it. Sound familiar?

I also know that their agenda is based on a total lack of facts; that means they are stupid. Very stupid. There is no other way to say it, and I will not apologize for saying it.

It's not hard to find these stupid, deliberately ignorant people on any chat board on the Internet; take this Palinbot, for example, from Sarah fan club.

Rushes in to Sound the Alarm!

Warn the People!

He is .... he is ... he is Paul Revere!

Paul-Revere-Palinbot: Holy smokes will circumcision be forced on our babies?

OK ..we are all used to the nonsense, misinformation and outright lies that make up the bulk of the comments on Sarah's site. Nothing new there. In fact, a lot of it is funny.

But this one is particularly funny because Paul-Revere-Palinbot's link actually DISPROVES what he just said! Not only does this half-witted Palinbot (is there any other you ask ? Fair question, I'll give you that one) inadvertently reveals that he is part of the uneducated/uninformed brigade of Rush Limbaugh's "Most Idiotic-Things-That-Idiots-Will-Believe-Because-I-Said-So" Army!

Sarah does this all the time; she learned it from Rush. They both know their 'fans' don't read. Or can't read. Or if the DO read, they can't understand what they read! Palinbots will believe anything they are told, as long as it's scary, outrageous, innacurate.

They are Palinbots! "Proud to be Ignorant and gosh-darnit! I don't care who knows it"

But, back to Paul-Rever-Palinbot. Remember his warning!

Holy smokes will circumcision be forced on our babies?

Now, check his source for this ...

We wondered whether Obama had been involved in the issue and specifically in the CDC's decision to write the guidance, as Limbaugh's claim indicates.

We scoured his voting record on Congressional Quarterly, his position papers and speeches on Project Vote Smart, and even typed "circumcision" into the White House Web site, and came up with nothing. From what we found, Obama has not used the word "circumcision" in any public statement as a candidate or as president. We also found no evidence that he has recommended circumcusion to the CDC.

The only link -- and it's an indirect one -- that we could find between Obama and the CDC's efforts was a press release on the White House Web site announcing a series of HIV/AIDS community discussions, the first one being held in conjunction with the National HIV Prevention Conference we mentioned earlier. But the release did not mention circumcision.

It turns out that circumcision recommendations have been under discussion since 2007, when George W. Bush was president. Given the fact the CDC was pondering the idea back then, it is no more accurate to say Obama wants to mandate circumcision than to say Bush did.

So, back to Limbaugh's claim. He says Obama "wants to mandate circumcision." But the CDC's eventual recommendations -- if they even include circumcision -- will be voluntary, not mandatory. In addition, we could we find no connection between Obama and the new guidance, and no evidence that Obama had even used the word in a public forum. In fact, the recommendations were under discussion long before Obama took office. This one is ridiculous enough to set the meter ablaze -- Pants on Fire!

Palinbots let me give you some advice. People like Palin, and Rush, and Beck tell you this nonsense because they KNOW you are not going to check it out. They KNOW you are mindless sheep. These people keep invoking the memory of Ronald Reagan ... so here's my advice:


That way, you might not believe every scare-mongering story people like Palin and Rush and Beck feed you daily.

And you won't come across as so Gosh-Darn STUPID to the rest of us!

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