Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Patriotism: Palinbot Style

We all know (because Sarah told us so!) that Republicans, somehow, are more patriotic than the rest of us! In the Real America, where she comes from, it''s GOD and COUNTRY and FAMILY that matters. (Up to last fall, when community minded people were relegated to mere semi-terrorist status, I suppose the COMMUNITY was on that list somewhere too...)

Not being a Palinbot myself, I didn't know what Patriotism was about, of course. So it was with great anticipation that I paid a visit to the Palinbot La-La-Land.

I was shocked, SHOCKED! I say! to find out what Patriotism is all about, out there in the 'Real America'.

Here I was, with this elitist view that being a Patriot is about loving your country. About wanting your country to succeed. About wanting the best for your country! What do I find there, Palinbot La-La Land?

It's about loving your candidate! Blindly, without question*, loyal no matter what! It's about wanting your candidate to be in power!

If your candidate is a fool, it appears that is even better since your fellow Patriots will also be fools and you can fit right in! No need to discuss issues or ideas or agendas or platforms or anything like that!

Man, when I think of the time I have wasted in my life, reading up on issues, researching ideas, getting informed so I could discuss politics with other elitist types! I am almost jealous now, to see how easy it can be if your candidate is stupid ...... no effort required at all!

Who needs all those facts and figures and numbers and facts -- pesky pesky facts that someone my call you on!-- no need to learn all that stuff. WHO KNEW?

IF your country fails then that is a good thing! Your candidate can't compete unless the country fails? Then failure is your goal!

It's so simple, so easy, so ... mindless.

Palinbot 1: I hate his agenda, I hope he fails!

(paraphrased to protect this Palinbot's identity)

Naive little person: Well, i certainly hope he doesn't fail.....i wouldn't care who was president. Because in the end, we all fail.

---This reply, from Palinbot- Logic -Genius is an example of Palinbot debating skills, among other things
Palinbot- Logic- Genius: So, ****, if Osama bin Laden was president, you would want him to succeed??? Senseless.

(not paraphrased, in the hope that Natural Selection takes its course)

---Yes, Palinbot Genius, OBL is likely to get elected, it's possible, it must be mentionned in a reasonned argument... if Osama Bin Laden was elected ....... yeah, he's a contender for sure!

Palinbot 2: I, too, hope the USA fails.

So .. there you have it. On the 'fastest growing page' (according to Palinbot- Number- Counter) only one person had the courage to buck the trend, and wish her country well!

The Palinbots call people like that trolls.

Sarah calls them supporters

I call her Patriotic.

*Note: Palinbots don't ask questions, which works out fine for everybody, since Palin doesn't answer questions anyway.

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