Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Palin's FB site tries to keep it classy!!!

Last week, I noted a change of tone on Palin''s FaceBook page. It happened on Tuesday, when Palin endorsed Glen Beck on her site, encouraging her fans to watch his show all week. Beck's show turned out to be the exposition of a Conspiracy Theory for Dummies, and of course the Palinbots bought it hook line and sinker.

I say 'of course' they bought it simply because Palin's followers have no idea how Government works, which is precisely what Palin and Beck count on. So, the change in tone of the Palinbots was no surprise. I noticed it immediately and commented on several occasions on HuffPost (linked to my Facebook Page) that what Beck was doing WITH PALIN'S ENDORSEMENT, was inciting violence ... and I firmly believe that.

Intelligent people are laughing at him, but that's not his target audience.

Sarah Palin asked her Palinbots on her official Facebook page to watch his show; that is an endorsement, plain and simple. Somewhere in the ranks of Palinbots, is a Tim McVeigh just waiting for a 'sign' .... Beck's shows this week couldn't be taken seriously by anyone with 'social intelligence' ..

When some psychopath resorts to violence, nobody will be surprised that his/her fury was fanned by Palin/Beck.

So, I got a chuckle when I logged on to FB (and my blog) last night to find a message from a fellow Palinbot watcher; apparently, the vast and well organized community organizers (chuckle) who are working hard to propel Sarah into the WH had caught a few of my comments on this site, my blog or some Huffington Post threads where I have been very active!

Well! I say! It’s gratifying that the voice of the one small blogger is getting through to Palinbots; however, the role of inciting was not the only disturbing detai in Palin FB official site; it was just one of the more obvious ones. (hehe, those of you who read Palin's note will recognize the irony of this comment ... )

A few ago, I wrote this note about the Sarah's FB site: ( )

Through her site, Sarah promotes her official PAC and asks for donations. She also promotes hate, fear and misinformation ... she lets it fester; her leadership qualities don't include having the integrity to object to the chaotic mess her site has become. In fact, by allowing it to grow and feed on itself, the site has become a refuge for every conspiracy nut on the Internet. It speaks for her.

Here is a post by one of her supporters, on her OFFICIAL facebook page, where she solicits donations for her SarahPAC .. (I have ****d the name of the poster, but have a full C&P of the post)

The link I was referring to, was a blatant propaganda video that portrayed President Obama as a diabolical figure, who was out to control the world while getting rid of undesirable citizens. Of course, being Palinbots, the image was the usual Hitler/Nazi stuff. Don't these people have any education at all? Do they know nothing about Hitler? To compare Obama to Hitler, is like comparing .... well, it's like comparing Palin to Einstein.

So, it seems that some 'rules' have been enacted by a Palinbot Moderator, which makes it very clear that someone there has been paying attention to my comments.

Mod Chantal reminded everyone, as I had been pointing out, that Sarah's OFFICIAL website reflects on her. Her notes, are her words, we are told. Here is a copy of the 'rules' I was sent by an anonymous reader.

Chantel Claus THIS IS SARAH'S OFFICIAL PAGE. Anything you say on here directly

reflects Gov. Palin. It can and will be used against her (by any who dislike or

try to discredit her). So, here is a reminder of what can post can and will be

deleted and bans from... commenting.

1. Any discussions on President Obama's citizenship/birth certificate.
2. Bashing the deceased
3. Conspiracy Theories
4. Posting on the wall in regards of being banned/posts being deleted
5. Spam/Overpost
6. Profanity
7. Verbally attacking people on this board (supporters, non supporters, Sarah

Palin & her family)
8. THE RUMOR of Sarah Palin speaking in Asia. It IS JUST THAT A RUMOR. Check THE

SOURCES-Meg Stapleton, Sarahpac, Sarah Palin, and Palin's lawyers ARE THE ONLY


Freedom of speech applies in government. NOT PRIVATE SECTOR. The moderators have



That's right Chantal .... what is said on Palin's site, both by Sarah AND her Palinbots, reflects on her. I am SO glad it does too, because as you know, it's a steady source of amusement. It's also an eye-opening view into the mentality of the people who support Palin.

Chantal should remember this. Also. (wink) The quality of a candidate can be judged by the types of people who support that candidate. Palin's official site indicates that her supporters are, like her, undereducated, functionally illiterate and eager to embrace any conspiracy idea that is fed to them.

Don't believe me, go look at the comments section on Palin's FB page. See for yourself.


  1. Why don't you spned your time writing some thing harder than trashing Sarah Palins' supporters?

  2. Anon 11:49 asked:

    Why don't you spned your time writing some thing harder than trashing Sarah Palins' supporters?

    Because showing Palin supporters as they are (you call it "trashing") is as easy as copying & pasting. Then she can "spned (her) time" (sic) doing whatever is most important to her. This way, it only takes a sec to keep revealing the ignorance of the Palin sheeple.