Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Palinbots making up stuff .. kinda like Sarah does!

Palinbots never miss a chance to reveal how little they know about .. well .. anything. Whether it's ignoring the obvious until Sarah says it or confusing basic common knowledge that most of know already, you can trust a Palinbot to say something stupid.

Sarah had another OpEd today .. so the Palinbots are all excited, as if what Sarah said was full of original ideas ... it's 'new ideas' to Palinbots since they deliberately ignore anything that anyone but beck or sarah say ..

Now, guess what the 'talking points' are ???

Martha Johnson Do you think Obama will mention Tort Reform, buying insurance across state lines, small businesses being able to come together to negotiate lower prices, and protection for people with pre-existing conditions!! Do you think he will mention any of this???

Yep, that's the talking point .. Poor Martha though, nobody has the guts or the knowledge to tell her that .. hmmm Martha, Obama HAS talked about tort reform .. IN JUNE .. and he ALWAYS talks about pre-existing conditions , and small=business .. hmmm THAT is the point of Insurance reforms ....

So now, poor dumb Martha will think A-HA! Obama mentionned these because of Sarah!


  1. Palin is not credible on Health care. She still has some 'splaing' to do on the over 200 folks who died waiting for health care, under her watch.

  2. sarah doesn't 'splain anything .... mostly because she doesn't 'unnerstand' anything, but also because her fans don't need it