Monday, September 7, 2009

How to say 'I'm too dumb to read', Palinbot style!

Here is a typical Palinbot post:

Is the president going to talk to the children about his health care bill and political agenda? Omg! Thats cruel!! Usally the president just talks to kids about doing well i school or reads them a story like president bush and his wife, i dont get it...?? What can the children do with that info they havent even taken the constitution test yet?? Why cant he just tell them the importanc e of education or just take pictures like a normal president... I mean really trying to form a junior obama cult is absolutely absurd!! the next thing u know he will be starting illegal wars!!! IMPEACH HIM!! Lets not waiit for him to start breaking constitutional laws .....get him now ! I SAY OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

Poor, dumb, illiterate Palinbot! It's hard to believe anyone could be this uninformed, isn't it?

It's hard to believe, anyone could actually have an opinion on something, anything, on a topic they are so ignorant of, isn't it?

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