Monday, February 22, 2010

About the Rag Tag Bloggers

Gryphen, once again, you have a great post. Palingates, Bree Palin(and the former PalinDeceptions) have the best database of photos, information and documents of ANY website.

It's interesting that you posted this TODAY: yesterday, I was thinking about all of this while doing some yardwork; it's like you have ESP (or I do) about the role of the MSN in this.

What I was thinking about, was this: The value of the Internet is that so much information is available to anyone. Flip side of that, is the downside of the Internet. While you and the othe two excellent blogs I have mentionned have spent thousands of hours on this story, it is likely that a career reporter, backed by the resources of " expense accounts and the support a national publication or television network" however, Gryphen, that ALSO means that they will get all the glory AND all the 'monetary reward' for breaking this story.

Personally, I don't CARE which one of you (palingagtes/bree/IM) breaks the story and benefits from all the work/time invested.

Of course, I don't know what kind of collaboration arrangement you 3 sites have, it's none of my business. BUT: I hope that you are all 3 protecting yourselves from the possibility that there is 'someone out there' keeping an eye on you, taking credit for your efforts.

SO, rather than 'hope' for MSN help/interest/resources, can I suggest that you actively seek out such a partner? With an agreement for sharing the inevitable 'profits' that will follow this story?

Protecting the actual website, is one thing. Protecting yourselves and your hard word is something else.

I hope you have (all 3) taken steps to do that.

AND GOOD LUCK! I am one of many who will be proud to say

I hope we ALL have a part in the book/movie, all of us bloggers-in-pyjamas who stuck by the Wild Ride Story!


  1. Rational ConservativeFebruary 22, 2010 at 2:13 PM

    My friends and I send each other links to these sites all the time. Watching events unfold in real time is exciting.

  2. With no proprietary rules on the web (that are legally binding anyway), this makes me think that we are in the realm of relying on journalistic ethics when it come to attribution--not exactly a comforting thought these days. I decided to try to track down something today that I thought I remembered having been on Palin's Deceptions. Since there haven't been any new postings since August, it shocked me to see the stat counter moving along at a most brisk pace. It's wild out there, so I suppose the thing for citizen bloggers to do is be outspoken and assertive about their efforts when contracts start getting signed. What happens when "Sarah Palin, the Movie" is made? A conundrum to be anticipated--your post is quite prescient. And when you keep in mind all of the pussyfooting and enabling performed by the paid media regarding our coulda-been-VP, this is especially exasperating.